In my first meeting with Doug, he blew me away. I came out of that meeting a changed man and instantly said: "That was the most impactful meeting of my entire life". You can quote me on that!

 Aaron McEwen, Founder, McEwen Financial

“Doug Brown and Brand Intervention came very highly recommended by business acquaintances.  Having been in business for over 25 years, I had it in mind that things needed to be shaken up a bit but I had no idea where or how to begin the process.  Doug was able to come in with a totally neutral mindset.   After many hours of research and information gathering, Doug provided me with the guidance, clarity and direction I was in such desperate need of.  He also assisted greatly in convincing me to let go of some of my perceptions as well as my tunnel vision.  As a business owner, you get so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations and the thought of change can be a bit frightening and daunting (not to mention expensive).  Working with Doug has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience for me and I am confident that with the changes we are about to implement, we will continue to grow our business for many more years to come.”

Wes Koch, Owner, The Victoria Soap Exchange

“It was a great experience to work with Doug during these 7 months. He is knowledgeable and professional and had the right skills to rebuild both our brand and our store. Doug provides a high quality service, and I really appreciate what he did for our store. Highly recommended if you want to rebrand your existing business.”

Ma Lin, Owner, Aqua Pacific Pools and Hot Tubs

“Working with Doug was a rejuvenating and galvanizing experience from start to end. Our family business has been around since 1983, and recently transitioned the leadership from first generational to second. A key part of the succession was looking inward to understand our unique identity and position in the community. Enter the Brand Interventionist. He took a 360 degree approach to gain insight on who we are and what we’re known for. From roundtable workshops with key team members, to extensive client feedback and industry comparison, he was able to formulate a unique positioning that truly spoke to our business philosophy and values. The process was fun and engaging and Doug was very professional throughout. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Doug and highly recommend his talents to anyone wanting to own their identity.”
Jen and Stewart Story, Owners, Story Construction

“I hired Doug to bring some strength to our brand and that’s what he did. His brand strategy and the resulting marketing recommendations tied everything together: our name, our logo, our history, our values and our strengths. He gave the business a clear and structured path forward – one that made sense to me. He was extremely efficient and easy to work with. Our entire team enjoyed the experience.”
Brad Johnson, Owner, Triple Bar Construction

“Doug did an amazing job building the brand and visual identity of the Salon. His critical thinking and creative approach left my team with an unforgettable impression. I’m grateful to work with such an excellent advisor. “
Liu Ping, Owner, Salon Amici

“Doug has been an excellent person to work with. He has been a great inspiration for my organization and myself. He brings with his ideas a great deal of originality, experience and knowledge.”
Silvia Mangue, Founder, Kulea Love

“Doug brings a passion to his work that shows through and he has clearly made a huge difference in our operations. His ideas are always outside the box, brilliant, and unique. It is Doug’s integrity and honesty that drive me to often ask him for advice. It is always a pleasure to work with him.“

Robyn Radcliffe, Director, The Raptors

“Doug spent hours talking to our staff, our customers and other cyclists. He immersed himself in our industry. The resulting rebrand strategy was insightful and perfectly suited to us. Along with his strategy, Doug provided step-by-step plans to make everything happen, and then ensured everything did. His efforts for the success of our store went far beyond the scope of the job. We have gained an advisor and a good friend!“

Song Hu, Director, Fort St Cycle

“I chose to work with Doug as he came highly recommended from colleagues, and he did not disappoint. His sage advice and guidance was instrumental to developing a strategic vision for our business and the tools to roll it out. I'm truly grateful for his expertise.“

Jake Snowden, Founder, MobileFirst

“Doug really listened to our team and took the time to get to know us and our values. He dug deep into the details. The resulting strategies he laid out were clear and concise - it was like reading everything we couldn’t seem to articulate ourselves - let alone implement!”

Graham Isenegger, Portfolio Manager, CIBC Wood Gundy/ Blue Heron Advisory Group

“Doug’s commitment and genuine interest in understanding us and our business intimately led to a brand articulation that we can infuse into every aspect of our business, rather than some words on paper that will be filed away with our business plan.”

Toni Desrosiers, Founder, Abeego Designs

“It was so rewarding to work with Doug on the branding, strategic positioning and website development of my new company - not only because of his profound knowledge and expertise, but also because of his world class experience. Like tasting a great wine, working with Doug amazes you from every aspect and intrigues all your senses.”

Ken Yao, Owner, The Ken Yao Company

“It’s a great experience working with Doug. Going through his brand workshop and branding process has forced all of us to rethink the value we provide and finally ‘sync’ everyone’s goals and company vision together.”

Ray Cao, Owner, RT Prime Industries

“Doug has exceeded our expectations with his dedication and commitment to our cause. In a very short time, he has come up with a very clear and structured path for us.”

Reg Rocha, President, 4 Pillars Debt Specialists

“Doug is one of those rare individuals in our business who is able to combine intense intellectual curiosity about "what's next" with a well-grounded sense of doing business in the real world.”

Tim Williams, Author of “Take a Stand for your Brand”

“Doug provides us with exceptional campaigns that spark conversation and most importantly, drive results. His thoughtful approach to our business challenges leads us in new directions, strategically aligned to see us through our ever-changing industry.”

Courtney Maier, Director, Digital Subscription Sales, Postmedia

“He has a talent for approaching scary business propositions with a reasonable manner, to find solutions in murky waters and to make you enjoy the process.”

William Kellett, President, Kellett Communications

“Doug has been excellent to work with. He is patient and knowledgeable, and will spend the time to explain his recommendations thoroughly.”

Greg Hawes, President, Fastrac Print & Mail